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Automated System for Passport Control "Sapsan"

Developed by GazIntech, Sapsan is an automated system for passport control (Sapsan ASPC) based on a software and hardware complex for control of passport and visa documents, including new-generation passport and visa documents. Sapsan ASPC is intended for border checkpoints of all types (sea, air, automobile, railway, pedestrian, and mixed). The system can also be installed at any facilities where passport and visa documents have to be checked promptly and accurately.

The Sapsan system is built on state-of-the-art information technologies, improved during the project for creation of a state system for the production, issue and control of new-generation passport and visa documents.

System Functions

Sapsan ASPC includes all automated working stations (AWS) equipped with all necessary peripherals, servers and a secure fail-safe telecommunication subsystem.

Basic features of Sapsan ASPC:
  • Support of new-generation documents
  • Scanning and automatic recognition of the Machine Readable Zone of the document
  • Scanning and recognition of the area for a visual check of the document
  • Reading of data from the electronic microchip of new-generation documents
  • Automatic reading of visa details
  • Check of the expiry term of the document and relevance of visa dates
  • Check of the document and its owners background data against special lists
  • Authenticity control of the document: scanning in three ranges (visible, ultraviolet and infrared)
  • Saving of details of the check; supports saving a copy of documents and photo (from the document)
  • Generation of analytical reports on control outcomes