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Automated System for Pass Execution, Access and Security Control


The Automated System for Pass Execution, Access and Security Control at a facility (briefly, KeDR System) is designated for a complex security assurance of separated facilities and geographically distributed groups of facilities.

Main tasks of the System:

  • executing access permits (passes) of different types;
  • control over access to the perimeter of a facility (facilities) according to the types of passes;
  • control over passport & visa documents, including new-generation documents;
  • control over access to the territories of the facility pursuant to permitted access areas;
  • performing auxiliary functions (protective, the fire alarm system, management of the automatic fire-fighting system, etc.).

KeDR System is built on the basis of a modular technology that allows to separate the level of information provision to users from the level of equipment management and enables to manage actuated equipment of different types and produced by different manufacturers.

Moreover, there are the following capabilities:

  • registration of biometrical data (fingerprints, etc.) and, thereafter, providing an access by fingerprints, e. g., to facilities of critical importance;
  • providing an access to the perimeter of the facility upon presentation of the new-generation passport and visa documents, e. g., for a single visit, without issue of a separate pass;
  • applying an electronic signature technology for usage during execution of passes;
  • integration with the vehicle number plate recognition system;
  • functions of the fire alarm system or integration with the fire alarm system existing at the facility for a receipt of fire warning to unblock doors.

KeDR System. Brief Description (PDF, 260Kb)